The Remarrying Game

I recently attended a wedding of a friend…this is her second….having come out of a ‘train wreck’ of a first marriage that ended a mere 28 months ago. She is financially independent; her children are grown and launched; she has a busy and gratifying career. She started dating online and quickly got engaged to the Read More

How To Get To The Essence of a Potential Mate in 12 Easy Questions

What were your passions in your 20s-30s-40s; What about now? What are you reading? What attracts, interests you? (e.g. art, music, sports, science, global issues, popular culture, cinema….) Where might one find you on a Thursday evening? Saturday morning? Who/what are you listening to?  (e.g. Gwen Stefani; John Coltrane;  NPR; CNN; FOX ) What are Read More

On Finding Community after 50

You’ll find us in the piano bar at a ‘long established’ restaurant in town, or eating at an upscale tapas bistro on any evening of the week. Small, tight collectives of two or three women, a sprinkling of solo men, we are single midlife boomers, out for a night of good food, wine, music, conversation, Read More

Boomer Dating: 8 Spectacular Mistakes My Friends Make on Their Online Profiles

Cass, in hopes of minimizing potential unsatisfying dates, composed a scathing negative essay on everything she did NOT want in a date/partner. Why is this a mistake?  This will backfire because negativity, is a ‘turn-off’ especially on the internet. Potential dates will feel attacked and will not respond to such an aggressive message. She will Read More